Coming Events

Our organisation is currently preparing a Community Land & Business Plan for the next five years.  A questionnaire was sent out to all members of the LALC which members were asked to complete and return to the LALC office.  This questionnaire in conjunction with the meeting to finalise the proposed plan gives all members an opportunity to be heard.  The questionaire is also available for members to download and print from the members area of this website.

The Leeton- Narrandera Interagency is working towards developing a community service directory to ensure all community members have an easy to use resource which will provide them with important information about various services available and how to access services.  This project has been funded by the Medicare Local Murrumbidgee and the directory has been designed by Donna Ryan from their organisation.  Our LALC has co-ordinated the information from service providers and have worked closely in the development of the directory with Donna Ryan..