Rivmed Dental Clinics

Rivmed is continuing to hold Dental Clinics for Leeton clients on Saturdays for 2012,  dates are as follows:

17th March             28th April            19th May            9th June                        21st July                        11th August

1st September                        22nd September                        13th October                                    3rd November

If you wish to make an appointment please contact the L&DLALC on 6953 4344.  Please note that if you are not a current member of the L&DLALC you will require a ‘Confirmation of Aboriginality’ with the common seal attached from a recognised incorporated Aboriginal organisation to make an appointment.

If you are unable to attend your appointments after you have received notification from Rivmed, you must contact Rivmed directly to reschedule your appointment.  If you fail to reschedule your appointment then you may be restricted from making an appointment for six months.  Please refer to Rivmeds Policies and procedures.  Contact Rivmed for further information 6923 5300.