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Our Vision and Values

The Vision

Leeton and District Local Aboriginal Land Council is committed to:

- caring and working for the cultural, economic and social wellbeing of Traditional Owners of this country;

- all people of the Wiradjuri Nation residing within the Land Council Area;

- people who are affiliated by their relationships to the Wiradjuri Nation and the Leeton and District Aboriginal community;

- and all Aboriginal people who come to us, whatever their circumstances might be. 


We will achieve this through using our knowledge, resources and skills in traditional and contemporary ways for the long-term benefit of our people.

Our Values

The values held by the Leeton and District Local Aboriginal Land Council are:

  • Respect for our culture, in being true to our Wiradjuri Traditions and our Spiritual connection to country;
  • Each member will give and receive respect within the Land Council community;
  • Confidence in being Aboriginal people capable of shaping our own destiny;
  • Openness, in being able to contribute our ideas and solutions freely to the benefit of our members and all people of the Land Council community;
  • Recognition of our custodianship and stewardship of country and community;
  • Two-way support from Land Council to community, and from community to Land Council;
  • Ethical behaviour in the governance and management of our Land Council, its staff, assets and resources;
  • Encouraging our youth to develop as future leaders of our community, hearing their voices and helping them to grow;

Independence, commitment, self-sufficiency and individual responsibility.

Leeton & District Local
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