All applications for membership must be accompanied by a certified copy of the applicant’s full birth certificate and a ‘Confirmation of Aboriginality’ certificate/form from a recognised incorporated Aboriginal Organisation, if they are not a direct descendant of an L&DLALC member.  The Organisations common seal must be attached to the form certifying that the person meets the definition of an Aboriginal person as set out in the Aboriginal Land Rights Act, 1983. 

Aboriginal person means a person who:

  1. Is of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent
  2. Identifies as an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander 
  3. is accepted as such by the community in which they live


If an applicant believes that there are Births not Registered within their family with Births, Deaths and Marriages they should contact Births, Deaths and Marriages for further assistance on the process of self registration.

Neither Black and White nor colour photos will be considered as proof of Aboriginality.   Support letters from local recognised Aboriginal Elders can be presented to support the applicant’s membership application in conjunction with ‘Confirmation of Aboriginality’ from a recognised incorporated Aboriginal Organisation to the members at an Ordinary Meeting considering membership.  Please be advised that this process will not be driven by any external time frames.

The membership application will not be considered at an L&DLALC members meeting until L&DLALC staff have received all documentation during L&DLALC business hours.  The new member applicant will be advised by L&DLALC staff when their membership application will be considered at a members meeting.  New applicants are asked to attend meetings to provide any further information that may be required to assess their application.  All L&DLALC members meetings are advertised in the local newspaper, ‘The Irrigator’ or alternatively check this website.