A celebration of the Heritage listing of Warangesda Aboriginal Mission (Camp of Mercy) was held on the 10th July 2010 at Darlington Point.  The Heritage listing recognised the struggles, survival and dreams of those who were a part of Warangesda.  Many of those dreams included a dream that one day ‘Warangesda’ would be recognised for its part in Australian history.

For many descendants of Warangesda it has been a part of them and who they are from before their birth.  The Aboriginal people who lived on Warangesda had to seek approval from the Missionaries and Managers for every aspect of their life.  Decisions like who you were to marry, what language you spoke, what customs you followed, the cleanliness of your home and sadly, even if  you would keep your children or not was decided for you.  This was a sign of the times and the effects of the well meaning attitudes will continue to echo through time.

Since 1788 many people have come to Australia and have called this great land home.  Of those who have come to make Australia their home, many of those immigrants still talk fondly of ‘the old country’ but we talk of this country; we are the first Australians.  We survived, we lived, and we remain strong.

Our Ancestors left us a legacy that gave us strength to continue when all seems lost.  To stay strong and to know that there are many ways to achieve what we believe is a just and true outcome.  They left us a legacy of love and the ability to find laughter in the worst of times.  The saddest stories of heartbreak spoken in whispers were followed by a story that joined us together in laughter.  This is how our history is passed down; this is how children in these times know of a place that existed generations before them.

The heritage listing of ‘Warangesda’ is to promote and recognise its existence.  People around Australia, but more specifically here in the Riverina will know of Warangesda.  It will acknowledge the existence of Aboriginal people, Wiradjuri people here in this part of Australia.  Maybe there will come a day when history books no longer speak of the proud noble savage in far off Northern Territory but will speak of the true historical significance of our people here in the Riverina.







Warangesda Aboriginal Mission